Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Protection the Children in New Hampshire Intro


My wife and I have a blended family that we love so much.  Our children range from college down to preschool.  Our struggle working through the New Hampshire court's family division has been a difficult road filled with frustration, anger, confusion and genuine disbelief as to what the State of New Hampshire feels is "in the best interest of children."

The State of New Hampshire is categorically one of the worst states when it comes to protecting children from parents whom abuse children through physical, mental or verbal abuse.  Or by way of substance abuse themselves.  Even children with parents who suffer from mental health issues need to be watched carefully and sometimes protected.  But there is more focus on parental rights.  The degree in which New Hampshire fails it's children is recognized by lawyers, law enforcement officials and even advocates that are charged by the state to protect children.  Everywhere we look, its the same, New Hampshire is not doing enough to protect children.

One attorney we spoke with stated, New Hampshire is not a state to have children in, nor is it a state to raise a family.  In the instance a case arises that a good parent says, New Hampshire is not protecting my child(ren), I need to leave this state.  New Hampshire has passed so many laws that limits a parents ability to relocate, it makes it next to impossible to protect your own child(ren) by leaving.  The attorney who made these comments said this needs to change, because it is hurting the children's future for a better outcome, by means of restricting the parents ability for a better way living out of New Hampshire.

In this state, a parent can be a drug addict and still be granted unsupervised parenting time with children.  The drug of choice does not seem to matter to the state.  You can be a heroin, crystal method, cocaine or crack addict and the state feels you are a fit parent.

Just because a parent is biologically related to a child, it does not guarantee the necessary traits to be fit parent.  It takes a loving emotional attachment, a desire for the best future, providing of daily care required to nurture a healthy child  in all aspects, physical and mental well being and most importantly, it requires this parent to be self sacrificial for the child(ren)'s well being.  Being biologically related does not guarantee these traits.

The state cannot and should not dictate what a parent chooses to do.  There is a wide spectrum of parenting styles based on many protected identities including, race, culture and religion.  But the state has the authority to provide boundaries for the safety of children in which if a parent steps over, there are consequences for their actions and precautionary steps need to be taken to protect the child immediately.  When a person puts anything above their child, especially illicit drugs, that person has unilaterally given up theirs rights as a parent.

We want to hear from everyone everywhere.  Ideas, suggestions or plans of how the state of New Hampshire can better protect children.  Is it stricter child protection laws?  Is it new laws written specifically about drug abusers?  Is it altering the relocation ability of non-drug using parents, so they can get away from the drug abuser?  Is it a combination or a multi-facet approach?

If you live in another state, how does your state protect children.  We want to hear from attorneys who work within the current laws and see loop holes or gaps that need to be filled.  We want to hear from state agency workers who see children hurting but cannot do anything due to state law.  We want to hear from parents who watch their children suffer due to a drug addict.  We want to hear from anyone who knows of children suffering due to a drug addict.  We want to hear from everyone how we can protect children in New Hampshire better.  We are trying to gather has many ideas, suggestions and plans as possible.

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